Sunday 1st May 2016

AST members’ survey summer 2016

A summary of the main findings are set out below.

  • Only 11% are satisfied with Stan Kroenke's ownership of Arsenal
  • 92% think Arsenal should give a fuller description of the services KSE perform in return for a consultancy payment of £3m
  • 74% back Alisher Usmanov being offered a seat on the Arsenal Board
  • 87% think that changes are needed in the Arsenal Boardroom, including more football experience
  • 29% are satisfied with Arsenal's football performance in recent seasons with 53% being dissatisfied (18% were neither)
  • 92% think Arsenal should put more resources into improving the Ticket Exchange and introduce home credits so there are less empty seats.
  • Only 12% think Arsenal do enough to support a good atmosphere at home games
  • Only 19% are satisfied that ticket prices at the Emirates stadium are good value for money

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