Monday 19th April 2021

Statement by Arsenal on so called European Superleague

The AST deplores the announcement by Arsenal that they are breaking away to form a European SuperLeague.

This represents the death of everything that football should be about.

As fans we want to see Arsenal play in competitions based on sporting merit and competitive balance.

Not surprisingly this action has been taken with no consultation or dialogue, continuing the silence and contempt that Kroenke has shown for Arsenal supporters since day one.

The AST will do everything we can to oppose this.  It will require firm action by the Government and the Football Authorities.

We urge all Arsenal fans and all football fans to fight this by speaking up and acting against.   By standing together we can see off this greedy proposal.

The AST will now work with FSE, FSA, and other fan groups at both Arsenal and across the game in opposition to this.

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