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Rwanda sponsorship of Arsenal

Posted Friday 20th July 2018

How do you feel about the "visit Rwanda" sleeve patches on the shirts for Arsenal next season?

As Arsenal scramble to bridge the massive commercial income gap to the Premier League's "top 4" they have entered a three year deal with the Rwanda Development Board (RWD) at a reported £10m per season (for three seasons).

Rwanda, rated as the world's 206th richest country (only 229 countries ranked by GDP per capita) is a major beneficiary of cash aid from around the world including £60m per year from the UK government. Maybe the Executive Box that goes with the shirt sleeve deal is attractive to the RWB but on the top of the sponsorship deal fiasco with BYD in China has Arsenal lost the ethical values that they champion so readily?

Attached below is the official response from the UK's Department for International Development to questioning submitted from the AST on this subject.

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Rwanda sponsorship of Arsenal