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Arsenal's Ownership & Governance - AST survey results

Posted Sunday 22nd October 2017

Results of AST membership survey into Ownership and Governance issues

Conducted in September/October 2017

Thank you to all of our member who completed our recent survey into ownership and governance issues. The results are set out below and will inform the AST's positions on key issues going forward. We will also be writing to Stan Kroenke to request he speaks at the next AGM further to question 4 below.


1.    Stan Kroenke has now been majority owner of Arsenal Football Club for more than six years. Are you satisfied with Stan Kroenke's ownership?

·         Dissatisfied: 90%

·         Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied: 7%

·         Satisfied: 3%


2.    Following campaigning by the AST and challenge by shareholders at the AGM, Arsenal ceased paying an annual consultancy fee of £3m to Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE). Do you agree with this decision not to pay a consultancy fee

·         Yes: 92%

·         No: 4%

·         Unsure: 4%


3.    Do you support the payment of dividends or management fees by Arsenal Football Club?

·         Yes: 13%

·         No: 74%

·         Don't Know 13.5%


4.    Should Stan Kroenke speak at the next AGM and set out his vision for the club to supporters and shareholders?

·         Yes: 96%

·         No: 3%

·         Don't know: 1%


5.    Do you think that Alisher Usmanov, who holds a 30% equity stake in Arsenal through Red and White Holdings, should be offered a place on the Arsenal Board?

·         Yes: 92%

·         No:5%

·         Don't Know 3%


6.    Should appointments be made to the Arsenal Board to strengthen its composition and governance arrangements by adding personnel with more independence and a greater diversity?

·         Yes: 97%

·         No: 1%

·         Don't Know: 2%


7.    Do you think that Arsenal should appoint a Director of Football?

·         Yes: 68%

·         No: 14%

·         Don't Know: 17%


8.    The Club are very confident that season by season they make improvements to strengthen the club's competitive position. Do you agree that this is happening?

·         Yes: 4%

·         No: 94%

·         Don't Know: 2%


9.    In light of the recent football performance, commercial activities and other factors, do you think the Board should award Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis a considerable bonus similar to previous seasons?

·         Yes: 6%

·         No: 86%

·         Don't Know: 8%


10.  Do you think the way that the Arsenal Board handled the reappointment of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger this year represented best practice?

·         Yes: 5%

·         No: 92%

·         Don't know: 3%


11.  With reference to what happened in the first half of 2017, do you think the Arsenal Board should make a firm decision about the future of Arsene Wenger, and announce that decision, well before the end of his contract in May 2019?

·         Yes: 90%

·         No: 5%

·         Don't Know: 5%


12.  Looking at Arsenal's ownership structure, the 'self-sustaining' business model, its football management and financial resources, and comparing it to other Premier League clubs, how optimistic are you about Arsenal's prospects during the next five years?

·         Extremely optimistic: 2%

·         Somewhat optimistic: 10%

·         Neither optimistic or pessimistic: 15%

·         Somewhat pessimistic: 45%

·         Extremely pessimistic: 28%