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Arsenal fans overwhelmingly back Safe Standing - 96% in favour

Posted Monday 24th April 2017

In February and March 2017 the AST conducted a survey of Arsenal supporters into their views on Safe Standing. 7,329 people took part making it the largest ever survey on this subject. We are grateful to the support of AISA, BSM & REDaction for their support with distributing the survey.

The results of the survey show that more than 96% of Arsenal fans are in favour of safe standing and that 76% would like to use it. Just 2.5% of fans are against

You can read the full findings of the survey here A separate report of all the written responses provided by fans can be read here.

The survey particularly sought views from fans of different backgrounds. The football authorities had specifically requested research into this subject area as they wanted to be certain that change would appeal to all sections of football's fanbase. It found that support was similarly high from all categories of fans - all ages, male and female, BME & LGBT.

The biggest motivation that Arsenal fans had for supporting safe standing was to secure an improvement in atmosphere at football grounds.

We also asked for views of how the issue should be taken forward at Arsenal.

92% of Arsenal fans wanted Arsenal to champion safe standing and 94% suggested that trials be held at the Emirates. 85% were in favour or Arsenal surveying their season ticket holders and members on the subject.

The AST has already presented these survey results to Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis. He told us that he had a 'natural affinity for safe standing and was open to the debate'. He confirmed that Arsenal support the Premier League's review into the issue.

In November 2016 by the Premier League agreed to investigate the full range of issues around the topic before reporting back to its member clubs. The Premier League said:
"The clubs have tasked the Premier League with scoping out the safety, supporter, technical and legislative issues surrounding safe standing before any further discussions, based on the facts, can take place."

The AST is meeting with the Premier League this week and will present these results to them and seek on-going involvement in their review. We will also continue to work with the FSF's Safe Standing Campaign. We are grateful to all Arsenal fans who took the time to respond so that we can convey their views into this review. We will continue to campaign for this positive change in English football.

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Arsenal fans overwhelmingly back Safe Standing - 96% in favour