Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Arsenal fans support Premier League restart - 60% of AST members welcome return, 27% against, 13% unsure

Survey of AST members on finishing 2019/20 Premier League season behind closed doors

In the last few days the AST has undertaken a poll of all of our members to ask their views on proposals for finishing the 2019/20 behind closed doors.

The results of the short survey are set out below. We have already submitted these results to Arsenal and the Premier League for their consideration ahead of tomorrow’s meeting on Project Restart.

1. Are you supportive of the Premier League returning behind closed doors for the remainder of season 2019/20?

Yes                 60%

No                  27%

Unsure         13%

2. We asked our members to rate how the Premier League Clubs should recognise the importance of fans if they can’t be in the stadium. Each idea was scored on a scale of 1 to 100 (with 100 being the highest score). The results are an average of all responses. We list the ideas in order of popularity:

  • Arsenal banners to cover up empty seats in the Emirates: Score of 65 out of 100
  • On-line hang outs so fans can still watch together:  Score of 51 out of 100
  • Big screens alongside pitch so fans can interact with matches (Zoom in the ground):  Score of 46 out of 100
  • Cardboard cut outs of fans in seats:  Score of 32 out of 100
  • Computer generated images of fans in the broadcast product:  Score of 24 out of 100

3. Which of the following do you prefer for the Premier League and broadcasters addressing the challenge of silence in stadia when broadcasting matches?

  • Broadcast the actual sound                  68%       
  • Add crowd noise                                   32%

4. Do you think it is important that as many games as possible are played in the home ground rather than in neutral venues

  • Yes                 83%
  • No                  11%
  • Unsure            6%

5. How well do you feel that Arsenal have engaged in dialogue with fans during the COVID-19?

Satisfactory                70%

Not Satisfactory        13%

Unsure                         17%

6. How well do you feel Arsenal have handled arrangements such as such as refunds and season tickets renewals?

  • Satisfactory                72%
  • Not Satisfactory        8%
  • Unsure                         20%

7. Will you comply with Public health advice and requests from Arsenal to stay away from Emirates Stadium on match-days?

  • Yes                 97%
  • No                  1%
  • Unsure           2%

8. Covid-19 is creating a financial crisis throughout football, do you think it is important that Arsenal and the Premier League use some of their financial resources to support the football pyramid?

  • Very important         66%
  • Important                  31%
  • Against                       2%
  • Strongly against        1%

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