Tuesday 23rd July 2019

AST membership survey results – taken at end of season 2018/2109

Please find below the results of the AST survey taken at the end of the season 2018/19. The survey is sent to all members. The AST Board will use send these results to shape our work going forward and inform Arsenal of them. We note that the results to questions 1 to 5 strongly endorse our decision to back the #WeCareDoYou statement 

Questions 1 to 5 – Ownership, Board and Governance issues

 In 2018 Stan Kroenke through investment vehicle KSE, UK, Inc took Arsenal into private ownership. As a result the holding company of Arsenal is now based in the US and accountability is reduced as there is no Annual General Meeting and reduced financial reporting. All supporter shareholders had their shares compulsorily purchased meaning there is now no supporter involvement in the club’s ownership or governance.

In light of these developments please answer the following questions:

1. Do you think Arsenal being privately owned by KSE is a good thing for Arsenal?

Yes: 1%     No: 95%       Don’t Know: 4%

2. What would your view be towards KSE now paying itself dividends or management fees from Arsenal?

For: 2%    Against: 94%   Don’t Know: 4%

3. Do you support campaigning by the AST to political parties and the football authorities for supporters to be given greater representation on the Boards of football clubs and/or for a portion of a Club’s equity (shares) to be made available for fans to own?

Yes: 96%      No: 2%      Against: 2%

4. The Arsenal Board is currently comprised of the following members: Stan Kroenke, Josh Kroenke, Sir Chips Keswick, Lord Harris, Ken Friar. Only the Kroenkes hold any shares in the club. Do you think that the remaining members of the Arsenal Board do enough to hold the owners to account and steer the club in the right direction?

Yes: 1%     No: 82%     Don’t Know: 17%

5. Do you think that new appointments are needed to the Board to create more diversity and to strengthen its footballing expertise? 

Yes: 96%      No:1%     Don’t Know 3%

Question 6 - Football Performance

  • We concentrate largely on off-field matters, but generally: What is your current feeling regarding the football side of the club? 

Very happy and optimistic             2%

Generally satisfied                        17%

Not very happy                             47%

Unhappy and pessimistic              34%

Questions 7 to 10 - Campaigning on the Football experience

The AST has recently campaigned on several long-term issues, often in tandem with other Arsenal supporter groups, other Trusts and the Football Supporters’ Federation. Please give us your opinion of the importance and relevance of these campaigns to help determine our areas of focus:

7. Improving the Arsenal Ticket Exchange and the introduction of home credits to encourage greater and wider use of all tickets and reduce empty seats?

Very important                        60%

Moderately important              32%

Not very important                  7%

Not at all important                 1%

8. Improving the atmosphere within the stadium?

Very important                        69%

Moderately important              28%

Not very important                  2%

Not at all important                 1%

9. Control or reduction of ticket prices across the board (we have seen home ticket prices once again frozen and successfully campaigned for retention of the away ticket price cap but would like to see more done for all match-going fans)

Very important                        61%

Moderately important              30%

Not very important                  8%

Not at all important                 1%

10. Calling for more enforcement action to be taken against ticket touting both at home games and in the away scheme

Very important                        65%

Moderately important              26%

Not very important                  8%

Not at all important                 1%

11. Now about the AST.  What do you like about being an AST member? 

The promotion of values of custodianship in how Arsenal & Football is run                       86%

Being part of a campaigning group                                                                                    59%

The opportunity to attend AST and club events with special guests                                   51%

The opportunity to input into discussions with the club                                                     64%

Access to like-minded supporters and insight of the AST board, ie on club finances            67%

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