Tuesday 1st January 2013

2013 Survey

Fans back Wenger to continue as Arsenal manager - but believe he has too much control over transfer fees and wage bill.

  • 80% of Fans who expressed an opinion supported Arsène Wenger continuing as Arsenal's manager, but most also say he has too much responsibility for the transfer fees the club pays and do not believe the 'socialist' wage policy he champions remains effective
  • AST members also say there is no rush to make a decision on Wenger's next contract and this should be reviewed by the club during the season 2013/2014
  • Overwhelming call for new appointments to be made to the Arsenal Boardroom, including support for Wenger to join the Board at some stage
  • Vast majority of AST members want Stan Kroenke to explain his vision for Arsenal  and support the Arsenal Fanshare Scheme

The AST memebership survey 2013 is an important tool in forming the AST's policy positions and communicating the views of our members to Arsenal. 

This year we received 643 responses, the largest ever, representing a diverse spread of Arsenal Supporters including shareholders, overseas supporters, season ticket holders, silver and red members, and Arsenal Fanshare members. The AST will once again forward the results of the survey to Ivan Gazidis and new Club Chairman Sir Chips Keswick. 

The AST Board also reviews the results and will use them to inform the policies and positions it adopts during the forthcoming season to represent its membership. Glyn Taylor, AST Chairman, said:

"Our members have given their clear support to Arsène Wenger continuing as Arsenal's manager. They are also content for him to enter the next season without a new contract signed with 75% saying the right time to review his position is in 2014.  

"However AST members have also made it clear that they believe that Wenger wields too much responsibility over the transfer fees paid by Arsenal and feel that the 'socialist' wage policy he champions is no longer effective. The AST was encouraged to hear Ivan Gazidis confirm recently that this approach would evolve and we urge him to take more direct control of the financial side of transfer activity at Arsenal and ensure the significant cash reserves Arsenal have to strengthen the team get spent this summer. 

"The AST recently commissioned two independent reports looking at how Arsenal could strengthen their Boardroom and corporate governance. 93% of our members believe new appointments are needed to the club's Board and we urge Arsenal to review these reports as part of their thinking in doing that. The Arsenal Board needs some dynamic younger members and greater diversity so that it represents the club's playing personnel and supporters. 

"There is also a need to bring more senior football managerial experience into the club hierarchy, and it was instructive to see that 80% support Arsène Wenger joining the Board at some stage in the future.

"Once again AST members reiterated their concerns about Stan Kroenke's ownership of the club with only 11% being satisfied with how he has managed Arsenal and 94% saying he has not done enough to explain his vision.

"During his takeover Stan Kroenke made commitments to meet with supporters and supporters groups which he has since not kept. The AST once again urges him to engage with fans as part of a process of strengthening dialogue and understanding of supporters views to help make Arsenal a stronger club.

"The full survey covers a range of issues and i urge all of our members and supporters more generally to study it carefully".

Read The 2013 Annual Membership Survey Executive Summary Here

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