Saturday 10th October 2020

AST statement opposing pay per view tv plans

The AST has today been in discussion with Arsenal about the proposed introduction of Pay Per View (PPV) charges for Premier League football matches that aren’t picked for broadcast by Sky or BT while football is played behind closed doors.

We welcome the fact that Arsenal have acknowledged our concerns and said they will reflect upon our feedback in forthcoming discussions with the Premier League about how to progress on this issue. We will remain in contact with the club and welcome more feedback from AST members and Arsenal fans on this issue.

The AST view is that £15 per game is far too expensive. It would be too expensive at any time but in the middle of a pandemic it is just out of touch.

We are also concerned that no specific thought has been given in these arrangements to season ticket holders who are not able to attend these games live as they usually would.

There are also concerns about how this new arrangement will affect the wider football community. These include:

  • Will the revenues be shared equally among clubs to ensure a fair competitive balance?
  • How much of the revenues raised will be going to Sky and BT rather than back into English football?
  • Will there be an equal split of teams picked for PPV so that fans of some clubs aren’t paying more than others to follow their team’s games?

It is understood that these new PPV arrangements are just for the month of October. We urge Arsenal and all the other clubs to consider the widespread dismay this has created amongst football fans and to come back with fresh proposals. Once again we see what happens when decisions are taken without consultation with football fans. Sooner or later the people that run football have to realise that football without fans is nothing.

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