Monday 10th February 2020

The case for home credits at Arsenal - a Fans Forum discussion paper

Improving the atmosphere and getting more fans to see Arsenal by filling the empty seats

92% of AST members who took our survey in summer 2019 agreed that the following statement was important:

 ‘Improving the Arsenal Ticket Exchange and the introduction of home credits to encourage greater and wider use of all tickets and reduce empty seats’

At the last Fans Forum meeting Arsenal MD Vinai Venkatesham committed to reviewing the case for home credits. The AST very much welcomes this and ahead of the next Fans Forum we have set out the case for how home credits could work and the benefits it would secure.

The case for Home credits for Arsenal Games

Every Arsenal game now sees scores of empty seats. It is not uncommon for this to reach many thousands of tickets and it has many negative effects including:

  • Reducing the support for the team which new head coach Mikel Arteta has said is vital
  • Creating a poor image for games broadcast on tv
  • Frustrating many fans who cannot buy tickets only to see many empty seats on matchdays
  • Reducing income to Arsenal as less attendees means less sales of food and drink, programmes, merchandising and the facility payment in the Ticket Exchange

Policy changes the AST propose to address the empty seats problem

  • Further improvements to the Ticket Exchange – including an easy to use App
  • Offering a ‘Donate’ option so people can give their tickets to priority groups such as younger fans and schools
  • Allowing ticket holders the choice to list their tickets for sale at less than face value price
  • More publicity and promotion of the Ticket Exchange service
  • But most importantly - the introduction of home credits (loyalty points) to incentivise the use of seat

The case for Home Credits

Arsenal already apply the principle of using credits based on the purchase of tickets – but currently just for away fans. This credit process is used to prioritise allocation of away tickets and importantly cup finals. Historically it was also used at home games although the credit was awarded through the purchase of a programme which included a voucher.

The AST believes that extending the use of loyalty credits to home matches would be an effective way of rewarding ticket holders for using their seat and also create a fairer way to allocate tickets for big matches such as cup finals.

How Home Credits could work

A credit is awarded every time a ticket is used on matchday or when it is placed into the club’s ticket exchange (regardless of whether it is sold on or not)

Home credits could then be used for the following reasons:

  • To offer discounts on merchandising and food and drink to those with very high credit points
  • To allocate tickets for high profile games (for instance those with very high number of home credits would receive priority over those with lower credits for cup finals).

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