Wednesday 21st October 2020

AST continues campaign against £14.95 pay per view charges

Option for fans to consider boycotting the Arsenal v Leicester PPV charge and make a donation to the 'Islington Giving' charity instead

The AST is continuing to campaign against the introduction of a £14.95 pay per view charge for Premier League games not covered within the existing broadcast arrangements. 

The price of £14.95 is exorbitant and an extra burden on supporters during a national pandemic.

These arrangements have also made no consideration for those who would normally be at the games and cannot attend due to Covid-19 restrictions. Arsenal have made no provision for season ticket holders, who have hundreds of pounds sitting with Arsenal as an ‘initial payment’, to be given free access to these matches. Similarly, Silver Members who have paid £59 for membership that gives access to tickets are being asked to pay again.

This week we have been in direct contact with the Arsenal’s Chief Executive and Sky Sport’s Managing Director to reiterate the views of our members and other Arsenal fans. We made it clear the strength of opposition and called for changes when the arrangement is reviewed in November.

Our discussions have included giving them the results of a poll we undertook on Twitter, which had 5,550 responses. The results were: 

  • 6% said they would pay the £14.95 to watch   
  • 19% said they would not pay and not watch   
  • 69% said they would watch a stream   
  • 6% said they would watch with friends or in a pub

We would support a more reasonable charging arrangement that recognises that many supporters are already paying towards existing broadcast subscriptions, club memberships and holding payments for season tickets.

Thought also needs to be given to how often a club appears on a pay-per-view basis. It will be totally unfair if some clubs' supporters have to pay this fee 15 times this season and others only five.

Already other Supporter Groups have campaigned against this fee and had success in asking their fans to boycott the charge and instead make a donation to charity. You can read more about that here.

We applaud these efforts and ask that any Arsenal fans considering a charity donation might like to support Islington Giving using the following link.

Members may recall that the AST donated to the same charity at the start of the pandemic. They work closely with local organisations to address poverty and inequality in Islington. They and the people they support would be grateful for donations of any size. 

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