Wednesday 29th April 2020

AST Virtual meeting with David Ornstein - 20.30 on Wednesday 29 April

The AST is holding a Virtual meeting on Zoom with special guest David Ornstein at 20.30 on Wednesday 29 April.

David has previously attended an AST meeting and is known to many Arsenal fans for having his finger on the pulse of all things Arsenal from the Boardroom to the training ground.

We are pleased David is able to join us and we look forward to discussing the big issues of the day including:

  • When might football return and how?
  • What the financial impact of COVID-19 could be on both Arsenal, and football, and how it has affected the club’s relationship with its players
  • What impact there might be on the transfer window and how next season could look

To aid our discussion with David the AST has produced an updated review of what Arsenal’s finances might look like if all of the remaining season and next season have to be played Behind Closed Doors (BCD). This analysis has been sent to all members.

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