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AST analysis of Arsenal's full year accounts for June 14 to May 15

Posted Tuesday 27th October 2015

AST Analysis of Arsenal Holdings PLC

Full Year Accounts for the financial year 1 June 2014 to 31 May 2015


The following report is a short analysis produced by Board members of the Arsenal Supporters' Trust (AST) examining the financial performance of Arsenal Football Club for the… Read More

AST Survey Results 2015

Posted Tuesday 4th August 2015

The AST annual membership survey conducted at the end of the 2014/2015 season can be read here. These results will be used by the AST to guide the work we do in season 2015/16 including our campaigning on behalf of supporters, and informing the content of our member meetings.

A snapshot of some… Read More

What is Arsenal's current financial position?

Posted Monday 13th July 2015

What is Arsenal's financial position in this transfer window?   AST estimate of Arsenal Holdings PLC Full Year Accounts The following estimate was produced by AST Board member Simon Hill and discussed at the most recent AST meeting. It is a simplified overview of Arsenal's accounts in a table format. The figures are drawn directly from the club's accounts containing the full year to 31 May 2015 (announced late September 2015) and 31 May 2016 figures being AST estimates.   £millions Yr to May 14 Yr to May 15 Annual increase Yr to May 16     Actual Estimate Est. to May 15 Estimate   Revenues:           Matchday 100 98 -2% 100   Broadcast 121 121 0% 130   Commercial 59 78 32% 80   Retail 18 22 22% 22   Player loans 1 1   1   Football revenue 299 320 7% 333   Property 3 0   0   Total revenue 302 320   333               Costs:           Football costs wages 166 180 8% 190     Football costs other 70 70 0% 70   Amortisation of squad 40 56   60   Depreciation 12 12   12   Property & player loans 3 0   0   Total costs 291 318   332               Operating profit 11 2   1   Player sales 7 27   10    Interest -13 -13   -13   Profit/(Loss) before tax 5 16   -2               Profit/(Loss) before player sales and property -2 -11   -12      Estimated revenues and profits up £6m since the last estimate thanks to another FA Cup win and a third place Premier League finish Next season (2015/16) sees a new UEFA CL revenue cycle which is likely to add over £10mpa to revenue and profit in FYE May 2016 (current EPL/UCL broadcast split 3:1 to become 4:1) Some level of player sales is inevitable in summer 2015 given squad profile but unlikely to match the £27m profit generated last year.  Any sales made will probably cover likely growth in wage bill next season. Best guess for 2015/16 is breakeven with circa £190m wage bill. Third place finish allows Arsene to plan wages and acquisitions with certainty now rather than having to wait until late August.  The £50m plus the new English Premier League tv deal will add in 2016/17 further helps planning by underwriting any wage increases and allowing a greater degree of confidence in future revenue streams. We believe spare cash net of allowances for instalments due next season on existing player purchases and working capital needs will be at least £70m at 31 May 2015.… Read More

AST Review of Arsenal's half-year Finances

Posted Friday 27th March 2015

AST Analysis of Arsenal Holdings PLC Half Year Accounts

For the period 1 June 2014 to 30 November 2014

This analysis has been produced by AST Board member Simon Hill.

Firstly, we set out a simplified overview of the Arsenal's accounts in a table format. The figures are drawn directly from… Read More

A better deal for match-going fans

Posted Friday 20th February 2015

Today, three leading Arsenal fans' organisations and the club's main fanzine wrote to Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis, asking for a meeting to discuss how we can get a better deal for match-going fans. 

Arsenal Supporters' Trust (AST) together with  REDaction, Black Scarf Movement (BSM) and The… Read More