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AST writes to Stan Kroenke ahead of Arsenal AGM

Posted Wednesday 25th October 2017

Stan Kroenke

Arsenal Football Club

75 Drayton Park

Highbury House

London N5 1BU


19 October 2017


Dear Mr Kroenke

The Arsenal Supporters' Trust is writing to you ahead of the next Arsenal Holdings PLC Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place on Thursday 26 October.

Our purpose in writing is to request that you personally address the AGM, to: (1) explain to supporters and shareholders your vision for the Club; (2) address concerns about the current governance arrangements. 

In our recent membership survey 96% of our members supported this request for you to speak at the AGM.

As the majority shareholder and sole equity-holding Board member we believe that good governance practice requires you personally to address the meeting.

By doing so you can provide everyone at the Club with a much needed sense of leadership and purpose. You can also address the concerns that have been raised by our members on a range of governance and ownership issues including a need to refresh the Boardroom and ensure the appointment of truly Independent Directors who represent all shareholders. We attach the full findings of our recent survey for your information.

We also remind you that at the time of taking over Arsenal in 2011 you made the following commitment in the formal Takeover document:

"Mr Kroenke has made it a priority to meet with supporters and fan groups in formal and informal settings. He recognises that fans are at the heart of the Club. Their opinions and involvement are important to him. Mr Kroenke fully expects himself, the Arsenal Directors and Club executives to continue to engage with supporters for the long-term good of the Club".

Sadly it is a commitment that has not been effectively fulfilled even once. Addressing shareholders at the meeting, many of whom are custodian supporters, would be a positive step. Should you decide to not address the meeting then we would request as a priority a meeting after the AGM where you can convey your current approach and priorities for the Club.

This would be well received by supporters and we believe assist the Club to understand your priorities. It is by working together that Arsenal will become a stronger footballing institution.

Yours sincerely



Arsenal Supporters' Trust