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Membership Options

We welcome all Arsenal Supporters as members and offer three membership options.

By joining the Trust, you contribute directly to our work in promoting greater supporter involvement in, and understanding of, ownership of Arsenal Football Club.

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Annual Memberships

  • Annual membership costs £24 a year by Standing Order or £30 by Secure Online Payment or Cheque

Lifetime Memberships

  • Become a lifetime member with a one-off fee of £250 by Standing Order, Secure Online Payment or Cheque

The funds generated from lifetime members have allowed us to develop our website and purchase our third Arsenal share. We are grateful to those people who have already become life members.

Voluntary Donations

If you support the work of the AST and would like to offer financial help, you can also make a Voluntary Donation by Cheque. We are always extremely grateful to anyone willing to help out financially and pleased to receive donations of any amount.

Overseas Memberships

You can still become a member of the Arsenal Supporters Trust, even if you don't live in the UK. If you pay by Paypal, you can join and still enjoy the great benefits that being a member provides.

Benefits Of Becoming An AST Member

  • Opportunity to attend Arsenal Holdings' Annual General Meetings
  • Independent analysis of Arsenal's accounts and financial performance
  • Right to attend open AST board meeting, usually monthly
  • Annual AST members' meetings with Arsenal's Chief Executive
  • Representing Arsenal fans to the media, football authorities and Government
  • AST supporter surveys and regular email newsletters
  • Unique AST pin badge for all members
  • Liaison with Arsenal Directors and major shareholders
  • Promoting wider supporter ownership of shares in Arsenal 
  • Networking events at Arsenal stadium and high profile speakers

Alternative Membership Options

Annual Membership

Become a member from just £24 a year

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Life Time Membership

One off payment of £250, life time membership

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Make a Donation

Show your support by making a donation

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